Thursday, August 21, 2008

Personality check!

Aha! I have decided too do some tweaking in the personalty department. I am going to speak blessings into my life and believe that they are going to happen. The last 10 months have been such a roller coaster ride I have kind of, no not kind of I have lost my way a little bit. My faith has wavered at times and I have felt alone, but not anymore. God spoke to my heart last night about this. Sooo... I made a decision right then to wake up this morning believing I was going to be blessed and just have a good attitude. Remember in the last post about my bad day and I said today would be better? Well it was! Though several things happened that would normally put me in a "mood" I refused to go there. I just kept saying to myself "I am Gods child, He loves me and He wants good things for my life." It worked!
Now with all this said, I am not a gloom and doom person. I have a good attitude and pretty easy going personality, but I am human and I have bad days. More good than bad, but none the less. God gave me a a free spirit so I have the choice to work on this and that is what I am going to do.
I expect great things to happen from this.

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connie said...

Oh, Elaine, you are human??? You know the enemy isn't concerned with those who are idle in faith, but those who are active, so he is bound to attack you. Even on those 'bad days,' may our awesome God give you the mercy to react for His glory! Love you, Sister.