Sunday, March 2, 2008

Letting Go

It isn't easy, but sometimes in order to have peace you have to let go. My husband and I have three wonderful grown sons. It isn't easy to let go of children, because in your heart they are just that...children, not grown men. You want to be there for them when they need you but not be an enabler. I have a great relationship with my sons. We talk about anything and everything. I have had them come into my room late at night and we talk until the next morning or they will call and we will just talk and talk. They still do that and I cherish those times. Those are some of my most precious memories.
I think one of the most important gifts you can give your child or anyone for that matter besides teaching them about God and His word is to know that they are valued and that they are loved, unconditionally. I am not saying you agree or condone everything they say or do. Trust me my sons have put us through the ringer at times, but they know without a doubt no matter what, our love is unconditional. In other words you treat them exactly like God treats us.
Tonight my thoughts are with PFC. Bayer, Dustin, our youngest son. On March 18th he will be stationed in 29 Desert Palms, before he is deployed at some point. I have been asked how can you let him go? The answer is my son knew without a doubt that God had called him to serve his country. He loves what he is doing and that makes letting go easier. God spoke to my heart and He promised me that He would take care of him. That is how I let go of my three sons. I gave them back to God. They are His sons. And when it is time to let my daughters go I will do the same thing. God gives them to you, you do your very best raising them, loving them and then when you have to let go, you give them back to God.
Tonight I have to let go of some demons that have been eating at my soul. Yes, I have demons. Sometimes we are so busy praying for others and taking care of their needs we forget to ask God for a little help for ourselves. These demons have wrecked havoc on me not only spiritually but emotionally. Now it is time to let God take over. I am letting go.

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