Monday, November 30, 2009

This word Adoption

What does the word adoption mean? Here are some definitions I found in the dictionary:

The act of accepting with approval; favorable reception
Nouns denoting acts or actions
adoption; acceptance; acceptation;
approval; approving; blessing (the formal act of approving)
embrace (a close affectionate and protective acceptance

These are all wonderful definitions. But for me there are two words that says it all and that is love & family. Family doesn't always mean you are related by blood. Trust me our family knows this all to well!
Not only have we been blessed with the adoption of three beautiful daughters, we have some precious adopted grand babies! Our oldest son has a son of course he is our grandson! Our grandson has two little sisters and of course they are our granddaughters!It was never discussed, it just was. So we are blessed with three beautiful grandchildren that we love to pieces!
Then there are those friends. We don't have a lot of family around. I have three sisters that live near by but unfortunately we don't see each other as much as we would like. When we joined our church about 18 years ago we met a couple and became instant friends. Through the years we have been there for each other. Our kids call each other cousins and we are all Aunts and Uncles to them. Our kids only have one grandparent left and she lives in another state. Our friends parents have always been like parents and grandparents to us and so have their Aunts and Uncles. A few years ago another couple joined our unique "family." It was also an instant friendship. We do a lot for each other and their son became a cousin to this crazy crew! Their parents also treat us like part of their family.
So here are three families who have no blood relation at all but could not love each other more. We are "family." Our kids even had a cousin picture taken together recently! I will try to post that soon.
See family is not only your blood/biological relations, it is your heart relation. God has adopted all who believe in Him. I think that makes all believers "family."
I am so thankful for adoption. What does adoption mean to you?

Our sweet grand kids!!

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