Monday, November 2, 2009

National Adoptoin Awareness Month

November is the month we go all out to bring awareness to children all over the world who need a family. We should do this every, single, day of our lives. These precious children are orphans for many reasons. But the reason doesn't matter. What matters is they need a family. Someone to love them, hold them, make them feel safe, teach them about God.
Have you ever considered adoption? Did you know that if you are older and I mean in your late 40's and 50's and thought you were to old to adopt and didn't feel like doing the diapers & potty training that you can adopt a older child? It's true!
Don't let your age stop you. A loving parent is what a child desires, wants and needs. I know my kids have kept me young. You have no time to sit around and get old when you have kids around.
I would love to hear your adoption story. If you are adopted, have adopted or if you are a birth mother and you don't mind me posting your story, I have a new blog called God Whispers. I have not put it out for the public yet because I was waiting for Adoption Awareness Month to collect stories. This blog will be about hope. Times God whispered to you and the wonderful outcome of that whisper and your faithfulness.
You can email your story to
In the mean time:
I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. John 14:18

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