Monday, November 23, 2009

Reality Check

The past few weeks I believe have been for lack of a better word...educational and a reality check.
Sunday November 15 we celebrated Adoption Sunday at my church. It was so amazing! It surpassed my expectations by far! The only glitch was a photographer who came early and I had to leave during part of the worship and her microphone messed up the pastors mike, so..... other than that perfect!
That same day a young man my husband and I have befriended came to church high or drunk and sat next to Mike being a tad bit loud. Mike handled it well. I am sure there were people thinking "who is that?" Looking down on him, making fun of him as they sat in their pew "worshiping" thinking they are better than him. Got news for you, your not.
That evening my husband and I met a wonderful man from Ethiopia. He is the "adopted" son of our friends who are missionaries in Ethiopia. This meeting was a total God thing! He is truly a man of God. Along with his amazing wife who I can't wait to meet someday they are opening a school. At this time it is a total step of faith and are using there own money. He gave me pictures of 24 children who need sponsors. This is something I have felt God has wanted us to do with Hug Away for a long time. I am so excited. I have been going over their histories today. All I can say is "hang on sweeties" help is on the way! They need Hug Away and Hug Away needs them just as much! It is a match made in heaven.
Last Thursday we attended the Marine Corp Birthday Ball in Las Vegas. You can not imagine seeing 100's of Marines in their dress blues in one room! It takes your breath away. Of course I thought my son was the most handsome ;) As I looked at all these very young men (didn't see any Marine women) I thought "they are so young" yet they have chosen to fight and possibly die for their country. Your country. So to all our men and women who have chosen to serve America and her freedom this is my prayer for all of you:
I pray that each and everyone of you come home to us. I pray that our politically correct government will get over their fear of "offending" those who have come to America to seek a better life. And those that don't believe like the majority of Americans do and take action against those who seek to destroy America and her people. Then hopefully no more lives of those serving will be lost where they are suppose to be safe, on their own base in America!! I pray that Americans will realize that their freedom comes at a cost and no longer take it for granted. May God send His angels to protect you from harm and give you the strength to fight the good fight. God bless each of you, no matter what religion you are.
Today our Orkin man came by. What was not normal is that he calls the day before to let us know he is coming. Not today. I answered the phone and it was him asking if he could come by. I told him yes and he came as I was leaving to take the girls to school. He has been our guy for about 3 years now and I trust him so I let him in and told him I would be back. We are having a "Living Christmas Tree" performance at our church in a couple of weeks. It is free and we hand out tickets for the performance. When I pulled in the driveway I saw my tickets and thought I would give him some. See, a year ago October his son died of cancer. He was 15 years old and he had twin brother. I saw him spraying and thought about how hard this time of year must be for him. He did look sad. I felt like God was telling me to ask him about it. Not my plan at all. I just wanted to hand him some tickets. He handed me the bill and I asked him about his son. He looked surprised but said he was OK and just wanted to get the holidays over with. We talked for a while and I really think he appreciated the fact I remembered. You see, we may not have known his son, but he was someone very important to those who knew him and loved him. His life for as short as it was on this earth made an impact on those he knew. He was somebody to someone. Then I gave him the tickets! He was very excited to receive them!

I am going through some things right now that is not fun that is for sure and I am praying for a miracle. But if you want a reality check look at the faces of children who don't have a family and are spending yet another Christmas hoping they will be the one adopted this year. Or have a young man in his 20's come to church drunk and look into his eyes and see the pain. Look at the faces of those who are willing to give their life for you and your country. Look at 24 pictures of children who are not sure when they will eat again and all they ask for is a education. Look at the face of a man who is grieving the loss of a son and dreading the holidays. When you get over yourself and really look you are looking at Jesus. So when you make fun of or disregard them, think you are better than them you do the same to Jesus. When you help them, thank them, reach out for them, hug them. You are hugging Jesus. Think about it.
Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!


SD Sue said...

Thank you for the prayer. My son leaves for Afghanistan next week. He is in the Army and looking forward to his time there. Your blog is an encouragement to me as I work for an adoption agency and love to see happy families like yours. :)

Just Me said...

Handsome son Elaine! You looked lovely too! Great post as always!