Saturday, November 7, 2009

Temporarily Bummed

The Bayer Girls

Can we talk? OK, we can't actually talk, but you know what I mean. Today was such a bummer. I mean a big time bummer. A few weeks ago I thought it would be a good idea to pick a Saturday and our favorite fundraising parking lot to sale tickets to a fundraiser we are having. I prayed for great weather. That was a pretty bold prayer seeing we have had nothing but rain here for what seems like forever. Anyway I said my bold prayer and got everything ready. It is November and the high today was 80! Yes you heard right 80 in November. Now that is a answered prayer...but with those beautiful southerly temps came some strong southerly winds...very strong.
After Mike and I battled the gazebo tied it down), placed our signs (big clips)and set up the table ( on stuff) the wind began beating everything up. Now this should have been a sign to pack it up. Not us! We took stuff down except for the table, put the signs on my van and put the table by the van to block the wind. The skies were blue, people were out, but not one person (except for my friend who told me she was coming) stopped.
Was it the $5 for a ticket or was it those signs about adoption and orphans? I have my opinion on this one, but I think I better keep it to myself.
Anyway it was a huge discouragement, a big bummer, a tremendous disappointment. Call it what you want but in terms most will understand it just sucked! Sorry, but that is how I feel.
It is very hard to keep on keeping on even if it is Gods call when your out there trying to generate interest & funds and not accomplishing either. Yes, I would have loved to have sold all my tickets but more than that I wanted people to stop and ask about adoption and the orphans. The saddest thing was that my daughters were there trying to help me and Jordan said "mom, don't people care?" Then Cameron said " this is sad." It broke my heart.
So we packed it all up and came home. I felt drained and began questioning myself. As much as I would love to see the foundation grow into a ministry that adoptive families can turn to and orphans can depend on us I sometimes just feel like maybe it wasn't meant to be. I realize it is times like this that satan has a grand time with us. But I am not giving up yet. You see, when I see my daughters I can't help but remember that there are still thousands of children in the world that need a family, a place to sleep, food, medicine, school, to know someone cares. But we need to generate monthly donations to make this happen. We can only hope.
On a lighter note I have a new blog. For some reason it hasn't been pulling up when I type it in, but I think if you go somewhere like my profile or something on this blog you will find it or go to

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