Saturday, July 4, 2009


I am so thankful I was born and raised at a time when we were able to pray and say the pledge of allegiance in class and talk about God and study how this country was founded by our forefathers and based on God and christian principals. I could really get on my soap box about this but instead I am going to leave a few thoughts to ponder on and of course some pictures.
Imagine what our lives would be like if the America we know and the majority of us love had not been based on christian values? Can't imagine? Go watch the news and see how people are living in other countries. What if we did not have men and women who are willing to go fight and die for our freedom? And one more thought. If you don't believe that this nation has gone down hill since we put God on the back burner, do a little reality check and see what has happened since we have become so "politically" correct. In the past 20 years the violence in our schools have escalated, the greed and corruption in our government is an embarrassment to this nation, our morals continue to take a downward spiral, the self entitlement that people exhibit is unbelievable and violence has peeked to a all time high. The list goes on & on. Did we have these problems before? Of course we did, but not at this level. We use to teach our kids about things called moral, character, truth and honesty and yes about God! Now it's seems which ever way the wind is blowing today let's see how we feel today.
As for my house we will Thank God for His blessings and pray for this wonderful country we call America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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