Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Even though I am a mom of a Marine who is serving our country, I often go about my day taking my freedom for granted. I don't like to admit that. I was watching as the news showed some of our troops over seas celebrating the 4th of July. They were eating cake, playing baseball, volleyball and other things. I think that is wonderful and I am so happy they were able to celebrate the freedom they are fighting for. What the news didn't show on that day were those who were not able to celebrate. They had cold food or no food, no showers. On their backs were packs that I have no clue how much they weighed but they were carrying them in extreme heat with all their gear on. They wake up not knowing if this will be their last day.So many of them 18-25 years old. They do not complain. They chose to fight this battle. They have honor and courage.
You may not agree with war or at least this one, but it is a war that needed to be fought. Yes, sometimes it seems we are fighting other countries battles, but we are America. We are the country where people from other lands who lived in poverty, or a dictatorship, or worse come to have a taste of the freedom our country fights for and is known for. We help those who can not help themselves, we are their voice.
The men and women who choose to fight the good fight should never be forgotten. When we go to worship as we wish, dress as we wish, eat what we want when we want, marry who we love, go where we want....It is because of them. So, even if you don't agree with war, it is because of war and those who are brave enough to fight that you wake up and have that choice, you know, to disagree. It isn't said enough, Freedom isn't free.
I know it may seem like I have been on a soap box about freedom lately, but I just want everyone to remember what America is and hopefully always will be, America, land of the free and the home of the brave.


I found some photos on the web that I hope will help us all remeber that while we sleep tonight, there are men and women fighting for us. The pictures of the Marine on the stretcher and his feet, he was overcome with heat exhaustion. You can put your pointer on the pictures and it will describe what is going on. I would not post anything graphic.

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