Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sometimes the answer is no

Many of my friends and family have been praying that we would would have confirmation from God if we are too adopt again. I believe I can say that we are not pursuing adopting at this point.
Many situations have happened in the last few weeks to confirm this in my heart. Am I sad? Of course. I love being a mom more than anything in this world and in my eyes the more the merrier! But God has given me six of the most wonderful kids, who bless my life every single day through good times and bad! They have taught me so much, most of all how to love unconditionally and enjoy the little things.
In my alone time with God these questions and concerns came to my heart. When do you say enough? Questions of time, money, college, my foundation. We are stretched thin on time and money. Our girls are busy, we both work, Mike has 2 jobs, the house is in need of lots of repair, my car will hopefully see one more year. This is reality. I have said over and over, our hearts will never be closed. If God decides at sometime we are to adopt again He will open the doors. We just don't feel at this point it is something we should pursue. I pray God will continue to use me as an advocate for adoption. I pray that the foundation will be a vessel that God can use not only to help families adopt but to also help the children who will not be adopted.
God knows my heart and that is what matters.
Thank you to everyone who prayed for this situation. Gods answer is always perfect!

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Nadra said...

Elaine....God's answer is always perfect, but it's not always east for us to understand and bear. My prayers are with you. I know God will use you in a MIGHTY way to be an advocate for adoption. Stay strong sister!