Monday, May 18, 2009

Being obedient

Today was one of those days that makes you smile. I have to admit that after 20 straight days of rain it wouldn't take much to make me smile! I am so grateful for Gods goodness. I love knowing that He is with me always.
A few days ago I posted that my husband and I were no longer "actively" pursuing adopting again. Well....An acquaintance who reads my blog let me know in a very nice way, that she thought we were not being very faithful. After all I am always writing on my blog about having faith and God moving mountains and believing He will provide anything we needed to do anything He calls us to do including adopting again. So why stop pursuing? Well...We do serve a big God and our faith in Him has never wavered and we do believe He would provide all we needed to do including adopt again, but believing and having faith also means that we know that there will be times He will shut doors or in this case leave it cracked open,even if it is something we really desire to do.
We have no doubt if God has another child for us He would confirm this in our hearts and we would move forward. But this is not the time. We wait on Gods perfect timing. As much as my heart desires to adopt again, it desires more to be obedient and please God.
We have a peace about this and that is when you know, that you know, that you know.
Yes I mentioned, money and time being tight, the house in need of repair and a car that is dying fast, but that would never stop us from adopting again. It never has. I was sharing those things to make a point. They need taken care of and that is what God has laid on our hearts. Who knows? Maybe He is preparing us for.....?
What my husband and I are sure of is that adopting again at this time is not what we are to do. And even though we would adopt again in a heartbeat, we are being obedient and faithful to His plans for us, not our plans for us.
Just to show you how awesome God is. Once we let go and accepted the fact there would be no adoption right now, my heart, which was struggling with what to do with the foundation was once again feeling the passion to keep it going. God will be glorified through Hug Away!
One more thing. During this time of wondering and seeking His answer I was blessed to view the files of 2 precious little girls in China. They both have heart problems and the one has some other issues. I was ready to fill out the paper work!It was very, very hard to say no and I still think of them almost every day. But we trust God and He has answered. There you have it.

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