Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day




Jordan, Cameron, Kennedy

Gifts from the heart

Mothers Day is always a little bitter sweet. Twenty years ago on Mothers Day we brought home our youngest son Dustin. His birthday is May 12th. Now he is half a world away serving our country and my oldest son Michael is working in New Mexico. Forty five years ago today on May 10th my grandmother, my moms mom died. Twenty one years ago was the last Mothers Day I would spend with my mom. She had just been told she had lung cancer. My mom died a few days after Christmas that year.
Today was just sweet, today was perfect! It began last night with a web call from Dustin, then I woke up this morning and there on the front porch was a dozen pink roses and a card from my son Cody, my sweetheart made breakfast then we were off to church.
The blessings continued! The first three families I saw at church have adopted and one just received their referral and it just blessed my heart to see them. After church we went to lunch with our very dear friends and Cody also joined us. We had a blast! When we got home I was changing my clothes and Mike yelled for me to come downstairs. The girls had me sit down at which time I was handed a handmade card and tiny snickers bar from Kennedy :) then Cameron gave me a beautiful book of poems she had made me at school. She even missed a few recesses to finish it! Jordan handed me a card that had instructions to go to a place where she had hid a small box. I opened it and there was a ring I had really wanted in a Premier Jewelry catalogue. I was so surprised. I found out that Jordan along with Mike, my friends Dayna, Natasha and Sydnie had helped with this surprise. Then my son Michael called and we talked forever and one more call from Dustin. And how do you end a perfect day? My kitchen drain has been backed up for 4 days and Mike finally was able to fix it! Whoo Hoo!
I am sitting here counting my blessings and just thanking God for a wonderful husband, awesome kids and great friends.

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