Thursday, November 17, 2011

They Don't Ask for Much

This past weekend I attended Women of Faith in Oklahoma City. As always I come away so inspired! WOF has always sponsored World Vision. This year they shared more about kids needing sponsors than usual. I love WV. I have sponsored two children with them for over five years along with three that I sponsor through our foundation Hug Away. After they would share stories or a video women would swarm the tables looking through all the pictures to pick out a child to sponsor. I was happy not only for the children but also the sponsors. It's a blessing to be a blessing!
Kalkidan excited about our matching rings!

My babies! Kalkidan, I'm holding Eyerus, Kalkidan sister (she is sponsored by a friend, Berhru & their sister Jordan!

One of my hopes this year was to find a sponsor for all of our children still waiting around 85 at last count and sponsors for families about 30 still waiting. It doesn't look like it will happen and that breaks my heart.

People ask me how can I sponsor five kids. Easy. Since traveling to Ethiopia and seeing the faces if kids and families waiting to go to school and waiting to eat, I know a lot of things I can spend $20 or $30 easily. Just more stuff. I'd rather my money went to a child or family so they can eat or go to school. These kids and their families are so grateful. They take nothing for granted. They don't wake up worrying about tomorrow, their goal is to make it through this day.

They don't ask for much. They just want to know someone cares.

I know times are tough. Trust me I get it. About six years ago I was sitting in our livingroom with my daughters Jordan and Cameron watching a World Vision special. They were showing picutres of kids that needed sponsors. Of course my girls were "oh mom, we should sponsor one of those kids." Jordan was 10 and Cameron was 6. I said "Yes we should." Cameron said "then call momma!" I told her I would later. She handed me the phone and said "If you don't do it now momma, you won't do it." From the mouth of a child.

So maybe you have thought about sponsoring a child or family. Maybe you have had it in your heart to make a difference and your not sure how. All of us are not called to travel to other countries, many are called to stay and help others go or give money to help somebody, somewhere. If you have thought about helping a child please go to our site Look at the pictures and choose a child to sponsor. You will be blessed!

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