Tuesday, November 1, 2011

$30 dollars a month does make a difference!

To anyone who thinks that $30 a month doesn't make a difference I will tell them they are wrong. I have had a gentleman tell me that to make a difference we need to provide ways for people to make a living so they can provide for themselves and their families and that $30 a month is a temporary fix.
I understand what he is saying and I agree. It is wonderful when we can train people in a vocation so they can provide for their families but wouldn't it be easier if they could read or write?
When we reach a child who is living in poverty, who is unable to go to school and has no food and find them a sponsor who says"I want to change a child's life" I say amen and sign them up! That sponsorship will provide a child a uniform, school supplies, food and minor medical needs met until they are 18.
They will go to school and learn to read and write. The will learn about math and so much more. Take that child when they graduate from high school and for all we know they will come up with ways for their families to work! They will be the ones to invest in their community. And all because someone was willing to part with $30 a month. It is a investment into a child's life so they can grow up and make a difference in the lives of their community or maybe the world.
$30 a month does make a difference.

Looking at faces filled with hope!

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