Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Adoption Haters

I know that every person has a right to their opinion. I get that. Of course I don't agree with a lot of opinions and a lot of people don't agree with mine. That's fine. BUT today I read something that totally broke my heart and I just don't understand. Here are a few things I read.
"Women adopt so they won't ruin their bodies with a pregnency."
"Adoption is nothing more than buying babies."
"Why fundraise to take a child from their mother."
"Birthmothers are manipulated into giving away their child."
"Adoption hurts babies."
"Adoption is unethical"
There was so much more. So I found several of these statements on a "anti adoption blog" It thrills me to note that this blog written by a atheist seems to have began in 2006 and there have been no post since 2009. Friends, when you spew hate the majority of people are going to turn away.
So in reading this I gather this person thinks it's better to leave a child alone in the world. Never to know the feeling of family or to have someone tell them they are loved or to feel safe. Does this person think it would be better to leave a helpless child who for whatever reason is a orphan, vulvnerable, or a victim of sex trafficking, abuse, starvatiion and death. All these things are better than being part of a family who will love that child more than life itself. Really?
I would love to tell this person, yes it would be great if there were no orphans in the world. That all children could stay with their birth family. It would be great if the major reasons children are orphaned unplanned pregnancies, war, disease, drugs & abuse didn't exist. But reality bites. All these things and more exist and children are left alone. If someone in the world wants to love them, care for them and protect them then why not.
Is every adoption perfect? no. But neither is every birth. Do adopted children have issues? Some do but so do biological kids. It doesn't matter if your children are biological or adopted. That is a part of life. It's how you deal with it that matters. I
I am a mom to six wonderful kids. I tell people I have six kids three are adopted but I forget which three. How they arrived in our family doesn't matter, what matters is they arrived! I love each of them the same and I thank God for these six blessings.
The point is if there were no people in the world called to adopt then who would love these precious children? No one. Most would be on the streets or doing drugs or become prostitutes because they would grow up not knowing love, compassion and feeling safe and that they mattered. And here is the biggie. Adoption is biblical.

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