Friday, March 11, 2011

Need a smile?

I needed a smile today. Kennedy makes me smile with the little matter of fact things see she says. The past couple of months she has come up with some good ones. I thought I would share some of them on my blog because I have several family members who don't have facebook and I know they would get a kick out of them.  I hope it brings a smile to your face too!
The other day we were sitting in the car waiting to meet up with my grand kids. Kennedy informed us that a little boy in her class was saying a bad word. She said "you know mom the A word."  I looked at her and said "you mean the other word for donkey?" Of course she had no clue what I meant and looked very confused and annoyed. She said "no momma the A word! You know the one daddy says all the time and you tell him not to say it and it he says "it's in the dictionary." It sounds like ant. Now I was confused! Finally my daughter Jordan said "you mean ain't?" Kennedy's eyes get big and she said "yes that bad word!"

Another good one. Me and Kennedy were sitting in the kitchen and she was eating her breakfast. I realized the date February 28th. I said " My moms birthday is today. Kennedy looked confused and said "you have a mom?" "Of course. She died when I was pregnant with Dustin." "You were pregnant with Dustin?!" " Yes. How do you think he got here?" I thought you picked him out from some country!"

Kennedys plan for her and Kooper, her boyfriend.

They will marry when she is 23 & He will be a dentist. She will write & illustrate books about ballerinas for 7 years. Then they will have 8 kids, she will be a stay at home mom & home school. Dayna asked Kooper if he wanted to be a dentist, he said no. Kennedy said " Hey I already signed you up!"

Not funny but sweet.
Mommy I don't know what faith is but I know I have it.

Thank you Kennedy for giving your mommy such great joy!

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