Monday, February 21, 2011

Camerons Happy Birthday Story

Today our Cameron turns 12! Where has the time gone? For her birthday blog I want to share with you how God lead us to Ms. Cameron. I may have told this before but it is truly worth repeating. There are so many children in the world waiting to be adopted. If God calls you to adopt you need to trust Him and allow Him to guide your steps.This is a story of prayer, faith, and how Gods plan for your life is ALWAYS so much better than the one you make for yourself
July 1999. I am driving home from Jordan's first day at Korea Camp, she was 4 years old. I am listening to her talk about her day when out of know where she says "mommy, I want a baby sister from Korea!" I have to admit I was a little shocked! I was over the age limit to adopt from S. Korea and I truly didn't think her dad would be on board. I explained all of this to her. She just looked at me. Let me say that it is very unsettling to have a 4 year old just stare at you while your driving! I finally couldn't take it anymore and told her that we should pray and we would wait for God to answer and we would do whatever He told us to do.
Now I am thinking to myself "good job Elaine! You know Jordan is going to forget all about this when camp is over and she is OK with your answer. Most important she quit staring at you!" Oh I think we had been driving about 5 minutes in quiet when Jordan says in a very loud and excited voice "mommy He answered me!" Who answered you? with a annoyed look an a eye roll (seriously 4 years old!" she says GOD!" I took a quick look at her and she was so serious I almost believed her. I said "Really? And what did God say?" Without missing a beat she said " He told me that it was OK for me to have a little sister, but now it's up to your mommy and daddy." I looked at her as she innocently (I think) smiled at me. And you know what? I believed her!
A few weeks went by and Mike and I had decided to look into a domestic adoption of a bi racial baby. It seemed our only option since I was over the age limit for S. Korea. I have to be honest I wasn't real sure about this. A newborn at 44 0r 45? Seriously? But then I remembered what God had told Jordan. I knew He wouldn't give us more than we could handle. Please remember that statement further in this story.
Now during this time I had been on a website (for those who might be interested in looking at some beautiful children who need adopted.)  and my sister and I had come across the picture of this little girl who looked so sad. I was instantly drawn to her. One she was from S. Korea and two she was special needs and they would allow a person to be over the age limit to adopt her! But as I read her bio my heart broke. She had way to many special needs. Developmentally, pphysically and possibly mentally handicapped plus a few other things. There was no way we could handle all of that.
On December 10th, 1999 I had taken the morning off work and Jordan and I went to the adoption agency we had used for her adoption to take them Christmas cards and pick up a copy of our old home study. Two of the ladies that worked there and had helped with Jordan's adoption asked me what we were doing. I told them. They looked shocked. Then one of them asked if we would be interested in a little boy from S. Korea about 9 months old. I looked at Jordan who was smiling and said I would but I am not sure about my husband. They told me they would get some information and call me. Two hours late I received a call from one of them saying they had a 9 month old little girl and would be interested? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? I grabbed Jordan's hand, told my boss I as leaving...again and headed to the agency. We sat down and watched a video of a precious little girl. Instantly I knew that was out daughter. I said "we will adopt her!" They suggested I speak to my husband. ;) They gave me the video and history and as we walked out the door Jordan looked up at me and said "See mommy, I told you He said it was OK." Yes you did Jordan.
Mike and our sons watched the video and we were all in agreement. This was our daughter and sister. As I read the history it seemed very familiar, Developmentally, physically and possibly mentally handicapped. Where had I seen this before? All I knew is this time it didn't phase me or my husband. We knew without a doubt this was our child. A few days later we went to sign  the papers and received the baby's pictures. I stared in disbelief. It was the same little girl whose picture I had looked at a few months before. The little one who had all the special needs that I just knew we couldn't handle. Now she was our daughter.
In April 2000, 4 months after we received her referral, 9 months after Jordan had told me God answered her. Ms. Cameron came home. We had not planned on adopting Internationally again but God did. Within those 4 months we had paid for her adoption.
Today that little girl who had so many strikes against her and was close to being placed in a institution is now a beautiful young lady. She can sing, hear a song once and know the words, plays violin, is extremely smart, funny, has a servants heart, loves God, her family and friends.
My husband and I thought are family was complete. We had no plans on adopting again. But God did. When Jordan asked for a little sister that day and we prayed and God answered her Cameron was 5 months old. In the video she was 8 months old and when we saw it she was turning 10  months old. She came home one day shy of turning 15 months old. She still couldn't walk. About 3 months of therapy Cami was off and running and hasn't looked back!
Cameron we have watched you grow into a beautiful young woman. You never cease to amaze us! Thank you for fighting the good fight so you could come home to your family. Happy Birthday Cupcake! You are loved!

Full of life!

Our sweet girl

Cameron in her Korean Hanbok




Anonymous said...

hey Elaine - in case you didn't know it i have the gift of poetry. and this is a song i just started workin on. in honor of you and mike and your daughters i would like to call this Camerons Song.
i'll need to get with some others and see if we can come up with the music part but i think youll like it. thanks for the blessing

here it is - not finished yet but i think youll like it so far.

In the midst of the storm He is there
In the stillness of the waters He is there
In times of trouble
In times of peace
You Lead me to the Grace that sets my heart Free

So many people so many words
In the middle of it all
I hear you whisper and you call
My name, my life will never be the same

I am forever changed
I have found my forever family
Thank you Lord for loving me

Across the oceans
Across the divides
Uncountable odds
Your word survives
In me

And I am forever changed
I have found my forever family
Brothers and sisters I never would have known
A mommy and a daddy to call my own
This is my family.

happy birthday Cameron - you are a blessing to more people than you know

Elaine said...

The song is beautiful! Thank you so much! I can't wait to hear it with music!

Katherine said...

I love the beauty of your family. It is so beautiful how God has led you to each of your children. Thank you for being such an example for listening to God and being proud of your family.