Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bahru's Story

When I was in Ethiopia nothing prepared me for the fact that I would look into the eyes of children who were starving, had no one to take care of them, or worked after school has a servant. Eyes don't lie. The first day I walked on to the school grounds I was meeting with the children. Adanech the founder of the school walked up to me and seemed very anxious. There was a little boy she wanted me to meet. She walks up this little guy who was dirty, dressed in torn, very dirty clothes. He looked so scared. We went to a room where we could talk to him. He was so nervous! He couldn't remember how old he was. Adanech told us that his mother had died, his little brother went to live with relatives but they didn't want Bahru. He lived with his dad but his dad drank a lot and was gone for weeks at a time. So basically this ten year old boy lived alone. The amazing thing is that he woke up every day and went to school. No, he didn't have a sponsor but Adanech would let him come to school and feed him.
He broke my heart. My husband Mike was wanting to sponsor a boy so I told Adanech to tell him that he now had a sponsor and could start school. Oh the look on his face! And a smile! When we left the school I had my friend Kay who has worked in Ethiopia with her husband John for over 10 years take me shopping. Bahru was going to get some new clothes! Kay and I were praying for the clothes to fit. The next day I gave the clothes to Bahru. He was undressing and I noticed under his shirt he wore a rather larger cross. Seeing that cross brought tears to my eyes. I turned my back and a older child helped him dress. The transformation was amazing!
In the past 24 hours Bahru's life had changed for the better. He was going to school, going to eat everyday, had new clothes and was going to learn what that cross around his neck stood for. I saw a scared little boy who was constantly looking down begin to stand a little taller, look up more and smile. He knew that someone cared about him.
I received a letter from him the other day and it started out "Momma Laney I love you!" Wow. You know it is so easy to go about our lives, working taking care of our own. But that isn't the reason God put us on earth. We are suppose to use our gifts to make a difference.
Some would say we changed Bahrus life but the fact is he changed mine. All the children did. I am more aware and more grateful of what I have. I am more aware of the needs of others.
We have so many more children and families who need our help. In order to do this we need your help. Please pray about becoming a partner with Hug Away with a monthly gift of $20 or more. If you would like our quarterly newsletter you can email me at:
I have posted pictures of Bahrus transformation so you can see what a difference sponsoring a child makes.

Adanech introducing me to Bahru


Bless his heart. He was so scared.

Ande a teacher asking Bahru questions

Receiving his new clothes! Notice the cross around his neck.

One grateful little boy and one happy Momma Laney!

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