Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Sweet 16 Jordan!!

Sixteen years ago today a baby girl was born in Anyang S. Korea. At that same time a family living in America was praying and waiting to find out who God was going to choose to be their daughter. There was also a young woman who was getting ready to give birth and she had a difficult decision to make. She could choose to keep her little girl who she loved and try to make a good life for her or she could decide to make an adoption plan with hopes that somewhere there was a family who would love her very much and could give her little one a wonderful life.
In April 1995 the family in America received a phone call that there was a little girl waiting for them in S. Korea. She was described as a perfect little girl with rose bud lips.The day before Fathers Day on June 17, 1995 the daddy who had flown to Los Angeles with his mother to meet his new daughter, brought her home and placed the 3 month old little girl in her very grateful mothers arms.
I am the very blessed momma and that precious baby is Jordan. I will never forget that day. She never woke up as over 100 people oohed and awed over her at the airport. She never woke up on the ride home. She never woke up during the night as me and her daddy watched her sleep thinking she would be up all night. And the very next day, Fathers Day as her sleep deprived parents sat in their living room being interviewed by a news team before we went to church, Jordan sat on her daddy's lap all smiles looking at everyone like "what's your problem?"
Jordan is beautiful, kind and smart. She loves God, loves her family and is very proud of her Korean heritage. She likes who she is and doesn't have the need to bow to peer pressure. She is a blessing and we thank God He chose us to be her parents, brothers and sisters. But we will never forget that Jordan's birth mother gave us this precious gift by choosing to make an adoption plan for her daughter. We pray for her often. She is never far from our hearts.One day Jordan hopes to find her birth mother and she has our blessings.
To our Princess, Jordan Happy Sweet 16 sweetheart! You are loved!

The first time I saw you was like a dream come true.
No I didn't give you the gift of life. Life gave me the gift of you."

Taking care of the babies at Eastern in S. Korea

Jordan with her foster mother in Korea

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