Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Sons

I wanted to talk a little bit about three very special guys in my life, my sons. The reason I wanted to talk about them is because of a question someone asked me the other day.  When you have adopted children of a different race you are asked some very odd, rude and intrusive questions. But the one I was asked the other day actually stunned me. That is not easy to do.
I was at a store returning something and the lady saw a picture of my daughters and we began talking about adoption. I told her that I also have three sons that were grown and on their own. She asked if they were adopted and I told her no. She looks at me with this "awww you poor thing" and says " So you adopted your daughters because you didn't want your sons huh? " WHAT????????
Where in our simple conversation did I ever imply such a horrible thing? It took a second to but finally I looked her in the eye and said " No that is not the reason. We love all of our children the same and they are all gifts from God. 
Yes I am an advocate for adoption and orphans. And yes you will see me post about those subjects more than others. But that has no bearing on how much I love and how devoted I am to my sons. They are not only amazing sons but they are also amazing brothers. They love their little sisters more than anyone can ever imagine. They carry their pictures around showing them off,  they brag about them and they are very protective of them. Our sons have big hearts, love their family and are never embarrassed to say it or show it.
And their little sister feel the same way. They love their brothers so much! When they come over the girls get so excited and you would think it had been years since they have seen each other!
So when I am out there speaking for those who have no voice, and trying to raise money for the foundation or trying to find sponsor for our children in Ethiopia remember I have three amazing young men who support what God has called me to do and I am blessed to call them my sons.




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