Thursday, September 30, 2010

Under Attack

To say this week has been a challenge would be a understatement. What I have been called by God to do has been attacked and why I do it has been attacked. First let me say that you can attack me I will get over it but when you attack a ministry that God has called me to do then you are attacking God. Yes that's right God. What makes it worse is being attacked by someone you thought you were close to and love very much. This verbal attack made me question what God had called me to do and doubting myself. Sadly, this will probably give great pleasure to my "critic." But the pleasure will not last long because I know from years of studying by bible and Life Support classes that many times when you are preparing to do Gods work satan will attack in many forms and many ways. He will use people you love, thought were your friends and believed in what you were called to do. Through them satan will attack your mind, your heart and your spirit. This is when you put on the armor of God and prepare to fight the good fight!
I would like to hit on some of the point of attacks that I received to clarify a few things. Not only for myself but for others who are called to a ministry.
  • Its all about me. This person thought since I blog and facebook about my life and ministry that I was choosing to be in the lime light. Nothing could be further from the truth. How do you expect to us to make people aware? Are we suppose to just sit there and pray that people will know? Jesus commands us to "Go out into the world" not sit on your butts and wait for the world to come to you. We are His servants doing what He has commanded all Christians to do. It doesn't mean every Christian needs to be a missionary or travel the world. He can call you to help in your neighborhood, work in a ministry at your church that will make a difference in someones life, help the homeless in your town, be a mentor to a child, have a sports ministry, The list goes on and on. He is the vine and we are the branches. He has given all Christians a gift but it is up to you to find out what your gift is and use it. Don't waste it.

  • You think you can save the world. I have to admit this one made me chuckle. Who am I Superwoman? Gee didn't know I was such a threat or had so much power. That is a ridiculous thing to say or think. Only God can save the world! But do I think I can make a difference in the world. You betcha! Why would I be so bold to think this? Because the God I serve tells me that nothing is impossible with Him!

  • Always asking for something.  If I was Bill Gates I wouldn't ask for a thing. But I'm not so I ask. See some people have money and are willing to donate some of it to make a difference. I know people who don't have a lot of money but who feel led to give. In order to help others it takes money and that is just the way it is. And yes I ask volunteers to help me with fundraisers. I do a lot of the work with our ministry but my husband and I both believe if you don't ask others to help you are depriving them of a blessing, to be blessed and a opportunity to make a difference.

  • Other things were said and it hurt? It all hurt. I mean I had no clue that someone that I thought loved me as much as I love them could think these things about me and feel this way towards me. And of course when your a Christian and you confront someone who has attacked you that is the first thing they throw back in your face." Oh I thought you were a Christian." Like that makes it ok for you to say whatever you want to me but because I am a Christian I should just take it? Sorry but that is not the way it works. Now I am not going to slap you or curse you but I am going to be honest with you and then go back to focusing on what God has called me to do. In the bible David dealt with this.
    Before facing Goliath, David had to deal with a critic, his own brother Eliab, who said:
    "I know how conceited you are and how wicked your heart is; you came down only to watch the battle." (1 Samuel 17:28)
    David ignored this critic because what Eliab said was a lie. That's a good lesson for us. Turning his attention back to Goliath, David saw through the giant's taunts. Even as a young shepherd, David understood what it meant to be a servant of God.
    This is my story this week just a different time and a different place. The awesome thing is satan didn't win! I will keep doing what God has called me to do knowing that I will face critics from time to time but I will fight the good fight because I serve an awesome God!


    erinlo said...

    This post has made me very sad. I have met you in person on a couple of occasions and I think you are one of the most selfless people I have ever met with such a God-given passion for adoption. Keep doing what you are doing and know that there are many who admire you and learn from your sweet heart!

    Jennifer said...

    we got your back girl and are always in your corner. :)