Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mommy how do you......

Last night Kennedy walked up to me and said "mommy how do you ask Jesus to come into your heart?" Now we had talked about this a few weeks ago and she said she did but at the time I felt she truly wasn't ready. I thought when she was ready she would know. Last night she was ready.

I was busy working on some things for the foundation when she asked me. As soon as she asked she just crawled up in my lap laid down and looked up at me with this most precious, innocent, amazing expression and said Ok mommy I am ready." Yes she was.

She never took her eyes off me as I explained this wonderful plan God had made for us called salvation. She took in every word. When she was ready to pray and ask Jesus into her heart it was so precious. After we said the prayer of salvation she had this big smile on her face and was jumping around! She said "momma can I go wake up daddy and tell him I have Jesus in my heart? Can I go tell Jordan? Can I tell Cameron?"
It was truly something to behold.

I thought how happy Jesus is when we finally say "yes I believe in you and want you in my life." Maybe He starts jumping around with a big smile on His face and wants to tell everyone! .

Kennedy was born in Vietnam and lived in a orphanage the first 2 1/2 years of her life. From the moment I met her at the orphanage I knew that God had chosen her for our family. We were going to adopt from China and He took us to a precious little girl waiting for us in Vietnam!
Kennedy in Vietnam

God has a plan for all of us. Ask Him into your heart and be amazed! You may even want to jump up and down and tell everyone!!! I hope so!

Kennedy 3 years later

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