Monday, September 13, 2010

Our own kind

I was talking to a friend yesterday about how hard it is to raise money for orphans. We run into lots of reasons why people choose not to give but the one that blows me away is "we need to take of our own kind here in America."
I remember when we adopted Jordan a man at our church, a friend came up and asked us why we didnt' adopt " our own kind." Without missing a beat Mike said we did "the human kind!" Mind you I had only been a christian for about 5 years so this really disheartened me. That man never said another word to us again and eventually we never saw him again.
We are all of one kind. We are humans and God created each one of us. As for helping children in the United Sates, of course they need to be taken care. No child in America should be without a family, go hungry or suffer abuse of any kind. No child any where should be subject to any of this. The difference is that there are literally thousands of agencies and people in America fighting for these children. They raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, some millions to fight child disease, hunger, abuse and to promote adoption. Do some of these precious children fall through the cracks? Sadly yes. But the facts are there is help for all of them.
As for the many children in other countries this is not the case. We work in Ethiopia and if we do not try to raise the money to help them they go without food, water, clothes, shelter, school and die of diseases that are easily treated here in America. They have no advocates except for people like you and me that will step out of our box and help them.
God calls Christians to go out into the world show others love and help those in need no matter where they are. Staying in a "box" does not do anything for anyone.
All of us should step out of our box and go wherever God has called us. It may be Ethiopia, Vietnam or China. It may be in your neighborhood. Just go and do what He has called you to do. You will be blessed!

One of our sweeties with her daddy waiting for a sponsor.

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