Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Giants

Kennedy eating her first Oreo in Vietnam.I posted this picture because it reminds me of a passion that I don't want the giants to squash.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you pray, hope, keep the faith and persevere you have moments where you come to a point of doubt and possible defeat. I am not saying you succumb to these feelings but they are real and they are standing in front of you, blocking your way, consuming your every thought, these giants in your life. You feel at times so alone and that God has abandoned you. But see, that is what giants do, they make you feel alone, they make you doubt your passion, they attempt to squash your spirit, they try to take away everything you believe in.
I am a very passionate person. I am passionate about God, my family, friends, adoption, orphans. I am passionate about my country, our freedom and standing up for what is right. My gifts are mercies & exhortations. I can remember starting in the first grade I always stood by the kid who everyone picked on. You picked on them, you dealt with me and to be quite honest I am still that way. I will be the voice for those who can't defend themselves. I wanted to adopt a little girl I was taking care of when I was 17, if you hurt I want to fix it, if you need help I want to help you, if you want to adopt I want to encourage you, if you feel you can't go on I want to walk beside you and tell you that you will go on. If I see a wrong I am not going to sit and hope someone else says something I will.
So I don't like it when the giants are trying to make me feel that these passions, these gifts, these dreams, my beliefs that God gave me are pointless and not worth fighting for. The giants try and make you believe everything you have overcome in your life has been for nothing. How do you fight these giants? What can you possibly do to make them go away? Well I believe God allows these giants to come into our life once in a while so we will learn to trust Him and give Him the glory. Saying you trust God is easy but leaning on that trust and putting it into action...well it should be easy but we make it so hard. So first you pray and ask God for wisdom and strength then you stand up and face the giants.
You take the prayers, faith, perseverance, hope, passion and all the gifts God gave you and you face your giants! They may never totally leave you alone but what they don't understand is that each time they try to take you down you are going to come back stronger.
Some may ask "why are you sharing this?" I believe whoever reads this and sees that Christians lives are not perfect, that we make mistakes and we still deal with "stuff" and some days just stink and life isn't always a sweet ride, then someone may read this that is having problems and realize that they are not alone.
So as I set off to face my giants remember that you are not alone and that God is ready to help you face your giants.

Trust in the Lord and do good. Psalm 37:3

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