Sunday, March 15, 2009


Ok, this is for the person or maybe persons who read my last post and took offense to it.
This was not meant to offend anyone. The point was that I learned something from it.
Was what I said wrong? Without a doubt. And why in front of Kennedy? Well I believe I slipped in front of Kennedy because in her innocent statements, she made me realize what I said was not only wrong but what kind of example was I setting. If she had not been sitting there I may not have given it a second thought. We will never know. But the fact remains, I was convicted and learned a lesson.
I am a Christian, which means I am a human, which means I stumble sometimes, ok a lot. But what I learn from those stumbles in my walk is very important. I could blow it off or learn. I choose to learn and share. Read Philippians 3:13-14.
As my blog states, this is about my walk with God. The ups ,the downs and anything else that comes of it. So may I kindly suggest anyone who reads this and gets all fire and brimstone on me, pull the stick/log/plank out of your own eye. Luke 6:42.(almost had you didn't I?) We all are sinners we all stumble in our walk and we all fall short! I am very real about my walk and share so others can relate and know they are not alone.


Anita said...

I LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE REAL,HUMAN,and most of all MADE OF CLAY!!! Please don't ever stop being YOU!!!

Adina said...

This was a very touching entry and I must admit spoke volumes to me. Found you by chance, but maybe it was meant to be!