Monday, March 9, 2009

Hanging out

Today we went to the park and hung out while Jordan was at her violin lesson.I love watching Cameron help Kennedy. She takes over the big sister role when Jordan is not around and does a very good job.
Those of you with children who are older will relate to this one. We went to the park and of course I always have my camera, photography is my thing. Anyway, I am taking pictures and all of the sudden as I take a picture of Cameron I noticed that she is growing up. Is this the same girl that we were told may never walk, may be mentally and developmentally handicapped? We knew she would be absolutely perfect!


Anita said...

The girls are gorgeous as always!!!I hope to get together with you soon!

"Children are a heritage of the Lord" said...

Isn't amazing how much they grow up,it's like a blink of an eye,then they are graduating and off to college.
By the way I know one of your sister's,and she mentioned you to me and your blog.I knew I had seen this blog before.