Saturday, January 17, 2009


Last week I celebrated my birthday. At some point I decided I may grow older but I am not going to become older. I thought about the age I loved the most and I am staying there. After much thought I have chosen the age of 40. It was when I turned 40 that everything collectively came together. My walk with God was getting much better ( I had only been a christian for 3 years) I had come to terms with things in my past, my marriage was awesome, I had 3 great sons and we were getting ready to adopt our first daughter, I had friendships that I valued and I began to like who I was. It was just a great age.
I believe age is a state of mind. You are as young or as old as you choose to be.
You can look 90 but if you feel 30 then that is what counts. Sure you will have the noticeable affects, gray hair, trifocals, rooster neck, wrinkles, your boobs pointing south, things like that are going to happen. The point is that life is what you make it.
Personally I have had to deal with a lot, more than most people will ever know, but I made a choice. That choice was to make the best of this one life God gave me.
So celebrate your birthday! You can choose to stay at a certain mental age or keep going on. Celebrate this life God gave you. It is the best birthday gift you could have.


One of Us said...

Happy belated Birthday!! You have a great attitude!

Debbie said...

You go girl!!! You are my kind of woman!!! I have always said "it's just a number" You are as young as you feel and right now at the young age of 46 it's the new 26!!! Feeling young, how bout you??