Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Who was the first to adopt?.... give up? God, that's who! I think that is so awesome! Yup, I am adopted by God the Father. I love it.
I have been thinking a lot about adoption lately. Maybe it is because Jan 10th it will be two years since Kennedy was placed in my arms in Vietnam. Maybe it's because Jan 11th I will be "older" and unless a miracle happened I will be to old to adopt. Not that I am planning on it, it just the fact it seems so final. I have a huge issue with age limits on adoption. Age does not the parent make! It is the heart. Anyway it gets to me. My husband and I do not plan on adopting again, but if the opportunity was to present itself I would hate for age to be the reason a child could not have a loving home. How sad.
I have been blessed to give birth to four babies. One is in heaven and the other three, our sons are all grown up and on their own. When we decided to adopt they had a say in the decision and they were all for it. Same thing second time. The third time our second to oldest was not thrilled at all, the other two were fine with it, but not him. He came by about 2 days after I came home with Kennedy and it was love at first sight. Adoption changes hearts.
Sadly it is getting harder and harder to adopt. This breaks my heart. No matter what the requirements are or who sets them, the agency or the country, there will always be orphans and there will always be couples/families who desire to adopt them, but the more hurdles they have to jump, the more doors slammed in their face the more likely they will just give up. Of course there needs too be rules, background checks and some cost, but sometimes the rules are so crazy and strict that many potential parents feel defeat before they even apply!
It would be my prayer that someday countries and agencies would come together and realize that adoption is a matter of the heart.

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