Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Putting things in perspective

After my last post it made me realize for over a year in the back of my mind this "thing" has consumed me. So I decided to move on. People are going to think what they like, past judgement, draw their own conclusions, that is their deal not mine. As long as I can wake up in the morning and know God is pleased with me then I am ok. That doesn't happen every morning but it is nice when it does.
I work partime for an optometrist. Today a man came in and asked if we accepted walk ins, I said yes and gave him a form to fill out. He was a tall guy in his early 50's a native american, very stoic. He said he hoped I could read his writing because is hand kind of shakes. I took him back to pre test him and he told me his story. One month ago today he had been told he had 24 hours to live if he did not have a liver transplant. He was 1,211 on the list. His doctor came in a few hours later and said they had a liver. One month later and a weight loss of 120 pounds he was sitting there telling me his story. I just looked at him in awe. I said "you know it wasn't' your time to go, God must have big plans for you." He looked at me and said " yeah I know, I can't wait to find out what it is." I said "maybe you are suppose to share your story and let people know that miracles still happen and give them hope." He just smiled and said "yeah maybe." He not only inspired me but in him I saw hope.
Shortly after that a 4 year old boy came in with his foster mother. He was a doll with a personality as bright as the sun. But he was in foster care because he had been neglected and abused. I watched his foster mother as she interacted with him. I think she is in love.
Last night I spoke to my son Dustin. He will not be home for Thanksgiving because he will be in the field for a month preparing for his deployment. He will be home Dec 22nd and then leave on my birthday January 11th. He will deploy in February. Before he is deployed we will have to go over the "paper work" just in case. I will have one more chance to see my son at the Marine Corp Ball and after that I have no clue.
As I sit here in my nice comfortable home, there are babies being thrown away, children being kidnapped for sex, children digging in dumpsters for food, children taking care of children, orphans trying to survive in a world that often forgets about them, young men and women who went straight from high school to the horrors of war dying to defend our country.

Yeah, that pretty much puts everything in perspective.

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