Saturday, October 11, 2008


This is a picture on the side of the hospital where Jordan was born in S. Korea. I am always humbled when I think of Jesus, who died on the cross for all of our sins, washing feet. He wants us to be a servant. In other words help those in need, with the gifts He gave us. We all have gifts and passions. It is up to us to discover them. Just wanted you too know.

Who comes walking in the door bright and early Friday morning? Dustin! I knew he was coming home, but he almost didn't make it. My husband works for an airline, which Dustin chose to buy tickets on instead of flying stand by. Well the military schedule doesn't always work out with any ones plans. So Dustin calls us Thursday evening and says he is not going to be able to make the flight out and could we call and get him on a later flight. After a long time on the phone, sure we can for another $300! Are you kidding me?! These men and women have volunteered to fight for us and you can't just change the tickets for them? Ahh... Greed in America. Oh trust me you do not even want me to go there. I am sick of selfish, greedy,arrogant, corporate America. $300!!!! GRRRRRRR!!!!!! So he ate that part of the ticket and will use the other half to get back to the base on Monday. May I just give a plug for Southwest (no my husband doesn't work for them) they treat our military very well! Dustin has used them in the past and they always treated him great. Ok I got too vent, moving on.

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