Monday, October 13, 2008

Going to a Ball!

I have a date with a handsome young Marine, January 22nd to the Marine Corp Ball! Actually two dates, my husband gets to go also. I am so excited! It will be held in Las Vegas and of course it is very formal. I will take lots of pictures and Kleenex! I cry whenever I watch those Marine Corp commericals so I know the dam will break when I am in a room full of them.
I have lost some weight for health reasons and now I am more determined to lose some more.
I already know what dress I want. I am going to be Cinderella for a night! Except for the fact I don't have blonde hair, blue eyes a size 3 waist and birds talking to me!
Friday when Mike was at the airport too meet Dustin he was saying good bye to our other son Cody who was going to Tuscon to visit our other son Michael, Cody and Dustin missed seeing each other. Today Cody and Dustin met at the DFW airport in between flights! I wish they would all just land! :) It gets harder and harder to say good bye to Dustin. He will probably be home for Christmas. Hopefully for a month. But after that he leaves for Iraq or Afghanastan. :(
If you read the post below and notice some of it missing, it is because God laid on my heart to remove it. So I always make it a point to listen to Him.

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