Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Cameron is my middle daughter. Cameron came home one day shy of 15 months old. Cameron got off the plane with a look that could kill and attitude everywhere! And the girls still got it! For those of you who know Cameron this comes as no surprise. Don't get me wrong, she has a smile that can melt your heart and a heart as big as Texas, and she has turned out to be a great big sister.

I have a list of "Cameronisms" from the time she could talk. I use to share them at work and the girls would crack up.
The last couple of weeks Cameron has been in rare form.
Let me go back to last school year. Cameron, for whatever reason was constantly going to the nurses office. After a while I would ask the nurse if she thought she would live. Nine times out of 10 the answer was yes and I would tell her to keep her! Towards the end of the year I told her if she kept going to the nurses office she would have to repeat 2nd grade. The visits stopped. Big shocker.

This year was going great until last week. She was actually sick and I went to pick her up. Then 2 days later she was in again. I could tell the nurse was trying not to laugh (we have developed an understanding over the last year) She said Cameron was in the office and told her that she couldn't lift her arms and could hardly walk. Cameron on her own diagnosed herself with low blood sugar. I started laughing. I told the nurse she probably got that off the Discovery Health Channel! We agreed she should keep her. iIt was Thursday and Cameron has gymnastics. When she came home from school I told her I didn't think she should go to gymnastics seeing that her arms were so weak. I was afraid they might collapse and she would hit her head or something. (Oh yea 2 can play this game!) The look on her face..."But mom I ate something and my blood sugar is fine now." hmmm... "Cameron, where did you get this info on blood sugar?" TV. Oh really?

So a couple of days ago I am watching a very hilarious DVD with Anita Renfro. SHE IS CRAZY! Anyway she is doing this funny skit about mammograms. Now this was filmed in front of a live audience. She ask "who has had a mammogram?" Cameron raises her hand!!! After I left the room laughing my head off, I came back and said "Cameron you have had a mammogram?" She looked very thoughtful and said " Yes mom I believe so." OK.

Cameron, don't ever change!

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