Sunday, November 4, 2007


Four years ago today my daughter and I were coming home from South Korea with a very special gift. We had the wonderful privilege of bringing home four month old Kooper to his mommy and daddy. It is a feeling neither one of us will ever forget. I had escorted babies home before, but this little guy was special. We were going to watch him grow up and be involved in his life. For Jordan bringing Kooper home brought her full circle. She came home to us from South Korea just 2 days shy of being four months old. She was only eight when we brought Kooper home but she fully understood the significance of it. Happy Gotcha Day Kooper, We love you! Did I mention Kooper will be my future son in law? :)
November is National Adoption Month. We celebrate how our lives have been touched by adoption. We bring awareness to the hundreds of thousand of orphans in the world who are still waiting for their forever families. This year our church is celebrating The Hug Away Foundation. Our prayer is that families who have been called to adopt will not let the financial aspects of adoption stop them from pursuing this wonderful blessing. We hope to raise so much money that we can help families with some of the cost. International, Domestic, it does not matter. We want to help.
Please, please say a prayer for the orphans. Pray we can help lots of them come home to their forever families.

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