Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lessons I have learned from my son the future Marine

Dustin has taught me so many things since he announced he wanted to join the marines. I remember the day he told me my heart sank. He said "mom, I am going to join all I want is your blessings." I couldn't give him the one thing he was asking for. One day on the way to work I was praying and asking for peace and wisdom concerning Dustin's decision. A few minutes later I heard God speak to my heart and say "Elaine I will take care of him." This peace came over me and I knew Dustin would be OK. When I gave him my blessings he was so happy and said "mom that is all I want."
Dustin had some medical issues growing up. Ulcer at 10, tourettes, weight gain (started when the put him on meds for his tourettes.) He would hold in his twitches(tourettes) until he got home and would be so miserable. It was awful. But all along he knew one day he wanted to be a Marine.
He has lost weight, his tourettes is under control. his ulcer is better. Today he wrote this in a letter. He goes to church every Sunday, he really enjoys it and it makes him homesick. When he thinks he can't do something he ask God to get him through it. He said he feels God has His hands on him through all of this. He works out at night on his own to try and improve himself
He believes he was born to do this. I believe him.
I had met a woman whose son had served in the Marine Corp and then signed up again after 9/11. She told me Marines are born. I believe this is Gods plan for Dustin. He knew it, did what it took to make it and in six weeks I will go watch my son as his dream comes true. He will be a Marine.
So what have I learned? That if you want it bad enough you can achieve it despite some obstacles that may be in the way. When God has a plan for your life He will get you there as long as you let Him help you. That a mother can let go and watch her baby boy grow up and do exactly what God has called Him to do. After all he belongs to God.

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