Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Fair

My,my,my,my,my.....The state fair is an enigma. And that is a nice word for it. Strange people, to expensive, to loud, SCARY! But great food! We love the food. Seriously. We don't rides rides so we eat and look at all the interesting people and see friends we have not seen in a while. We walk around and look at the hot tubs, RVs ,back yard makeovers talk about "if" we had this or that and gripe about how expensive everything is.
Of course this was Kennedy's first Fair and we thought for sure she would freak out. NOT. She cried when we left but not while we were there. She rode the kiddy rides and loved it.
Saw an older man who asked if "those were my oriental girls" sigh. Yes they are my oriental girls. Sorry we had already been at the fair 5 hours, ate a huge corn dog, a polish sausage and a funnel cake, I just didn't have it in me to explain, correct or even give a dirty look. I just looked at my husband and said "come on babe, time to go home."


Kelley G said...

I heard those oriental kids are really smart too! LOL

You just got to laugh at the extreme ignorance sometimes!

Chuck and Jean Anne said...

Whew Elaine...the Tulsa Fair? You're brave! Kidding...but scary does apply.

We've yet to work up the courage to take the kids to the fair. Jean Anne still believes Lucy (and Eli) are too low to the ground.

Congrats on your "retirement". You'll be missed at Dillon.