Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Life as I know it...

Will soon be over. My youngest son is leaving Sunday for Marine boot camp. That would be Dustin in the white t-shirt. We thought he was leaving Monday. Now it is Sunday. 24 less hours to have him near me. For 30 years I have had a son around, now all of them will be on their own. No more listening to belching or other bodily functions while we watch TV. No more stinky bathroom or scary, dirty bedrooms. No more filthy sports attire piled up in front of my washing machine. No more. Ouch, I think my heart just broke.
You raise your children and there are days you think " I can't wait until they move out!" Then that day arrives and you think "please don't." My kids are everything to me. When Dustin told me he was joining the Marines I was so upset. Not my baby boy, not in this crazy world. All he ever asked me for was my blessings and I could not give that to him. I prayed and sought wise council from Dr. Cannon. One day I am driving to work and I hear this voice say "Elaine, I will take care of him, it will be ok." It was so audible. Since the radio was off and I was by myself I knew that was God talking to me. This peace came over me. That evening I was able to give Dustin my blessings. The hug and the grin on his face was worth it.
Now it is me and my daughters. Three of them. How blessed am I?
Ecclesiastes 3:1 There is a time for everything, and a season for everthing under heaven.
We know these times are coming, what we need to do is prepare our hearts and embrace them.
So even though my heart is breaking a little bit I will embrace the next chapter. After all it is a gift from God.


erinlo said...

My heart is aching for you, Elaine! What a sweet time, but what a hard time. Congratulations on successfully raising three boys. You're my hero.

Heather Field said...

I will be praying for you. My youngest son is 8. He has been my baby (the youngest of 4) for 8 years and I'm sad because when we bring home our daughter from Vietnam, he won't be my baby anymore. There is something so special about a monther and son bond. You are in my prayers, and keep that precious memory of God's comforting voice telling you He will take care of him close to your heart.