Thursday, April 4, 2013


Today my husband Mike and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary. All anniversaries are special but this one was special in a different way. The last few months have been hard. Every marriage goes through hard times. Some of those times are harder than others. It's what you learn during those times that will decide if you are going to make it or not.
 One of the many things I have learned is that you can choose to love. That doesn't mean you don't feel love. Choosing to love your spouse or anyone for that matter means your not giving up.
This day and age people throw marriage away. The world makes it to easy. Marriage is work. Hard work. But the work is worth it. 
Sadly after a while life gets in the way. Work, family, people. Satan uses many things to distract us from what is most important to us. Thankfully Mike and I have a lot of faith in God and we listen to Him instead of paying attention to what Satan sends our way.
The odds were against Mike and I to make it. Some said it would last a year...maybe. But we made a choice and 26 years later we are still choosing to make our marriage work.
This morning when this man that I have spent over 26 years with walked into the room I thanked God that He gave me a husband who in spite of both of us chooses us!!
I have always told our kids that for your marriage to work you must love your spouse more than you hate what they said or did to you. I have a Love Dare Reminder app I read every day and the other day this was the reminder.
                                       Love Fights Fare
Love reminds you that your marriage is to valuable to allow it to self-destruct, and that your love for your spouse is more important than whatever your fighting about.

Will your marriage always be AMAZING? Good grief no! Will you always like your spouse? No. But you should always choose to love your spouse in the good and bad times and even when you don't like them.

                                                         MIKE& ELAINE
                                       26 YEARS, 6 KIDS, 5 GRANDESTKIDS (AND 1 ON THE WAY!)
                                      GOD KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING WHEN HE BROUGHT THESE
                                      TWO HEARTS TOGETHER!

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