Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Guess what I found out? No matter what is going on in your world life goes on. Thank God! With that being said we celebrated two of our daughters birthdays. Jordan turned 18 & Cameron turned 14. They are remarkable young women and I couldn't be more proud of them. 
Every year on our daughters birthday I can't help but think of the three women who gave birth to them. I can only imagine the heartache they went through to make the decision to place their baby for adoption so they might have a better life. 
I hope someday they will know what a precious gift each of them gave our family. How much they are loved. That they are beautiful inside and out. They have a heart for God. They are kind and good. They are strong and brave.

Adoption gave us three beautiful daughters. Adoption became a passion for me. Adoption is for one momma a painful experience and for the other momma a beautiful experience. 
And for anyone out there who may wonder/doubt if there is a difference between the love you have for your biological child or your adopted child, trust me there is no difference. If there is then you have a heart condition. 
I read this somewhere and I quote it often. "I have six children, three of them are adopted, I forget which ones."
Love is a choice. Choose to love no matter what.

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