Saturday, January 22, 2011

With Honors

In May of 2007 my son Dustin was turning 18 graduating from High School and joining the Marines all with in a few days times.I have sat through many graduations and it wasn't until he graduated in 2007 that I noticed something was missing that I have to admit I hadn't noticed before.
As I sat and listened and read the names of all the young men and women who were graduating with honors or had received scholarships to different colleges I realized there was no mention of the young men and women who had chose to serve their country. True, I had never realized this before. Like most parents I had sat through the ceremony waiting anxiously after 12 years of school to have 2 seconds of glory as someone who we will never know mentioned our child's name! But this time was different. I had a son who had chose to wait and go to college because he wanted to become a Marine and serve his country first.
I know that some schools honor these young men and women who have made this choice by mentioning their name in the program and to the audience. Unfortunately the majority don't. Isn't this a honor?
I hope someone will read this and send it to their local High Schools and this year these young men and women who in their own right are graduating with honors will get the recognition they deserve. And by the way they should get a different colored sash for that!

Fulfilled his duty as a Marine June 8, 2011 and becomes a OSU Cowboy hopefully
Fall of 2011 maybe Spring of 2012!

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