Sunday, January 2, 2011

JJ the Angel

I wanted an IPhone because of the foundation. So to be thrifty I went to ebay. I have bought several things on ebay and have never had a problem. So I saw a nice 3g phone, checked the sellers history which was excellent and decided to bid and I won. They mailed it the next day and it came when it was suppose to the day before Christmas eve. It was in mint condition and worked perfectly until exactly one week later. The home button quit working, the screen would freeze up and I had to turn it off and on to switch screens.
I emailed the seller and he didn't respond. I was a little upset.
Saturday the girls and went to the mall and I decided to go to the Apple store and see if they could help me. And this is where I met JJ He is probably in his twenty's and he calls out my name and when I walk up to him he said "how can I help you hon?" I thought great young and cocky. But he was really a nice guy. I told him the story and he said to hang on and he would go check it out. Jordan and Cameron were with me and I stood there there thinking "what am I going to do if he can't fix it?" The girls were having to much fun on the ipods and computers. When JJ came out he said "Elaine I have bad news." Basically it would cost me as much to fix the phone as I had paid for it. I could just feel my heart sink. He asked me if I had talked to the seller and I told him that I had tried but no. All of the sudden he says "hang on a minute." Ok?
I see him come out of the back and stop at a computer. Then he walks up to me with this cocky yet sweet grin and says "because you were so lucky that I am the one taking care of you today I am going to give you this phone at no charge." I look down and there is a new phone! He said " I have transferred all your contacts for you but the only problem is it will not have a warranty because we no longer sell these (the 3g). I must have looked like I was in shock and I looked at the girls and they had stopped what they were doing and looked like they were in shock also! Finally I was able to say something like "seriously?" He said yes. I felt these tears come to my eyes and I said "J.J. if were not n the middle of the store I would hug you! He said that's ok you can hug me!" And I did! He made me promise that I would never buy electronics from ebay again and if started to cry he would take the phone back!
The girls and I left the store and it still seemed surreal. Out of all the people in that store who were waiting to be helped God chose J.J. to help me. Originally it was suppose to be a guy named Steve. And J.J. made the choice to be a blessing. And my prayer is that JJ will be blessed. Of course the phone is great but JJs act of kindness was even greater. What compelled him to give me a phone for free? He was an angel of course! I believe angels walk here on earth with us and you never know when you are going to meet one!

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Rhonda said...

What a heartwarming story! Thanks for sharing!