Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Birth order and Bella

I just received information that a family who wants to adopt Bella and has all the requirements was told no by their agency. Why? Because their agency will not allow them to adopt out of birth order! I have always been outspoken about this issue. And though I see the concerns of adopting out of birth order I feel that should be the choice of the family not the agency. It is a heart thing. The family knows if this would be an issue or not.
And sorry if I step on toes but I think the birth order is issue is insignificant compared to what Bella and others children like her will face if they are not adopted.
The good news is this family is not taking this laying down! They are fighting it as they should. If they could transfer paperwork to the agency working with Bella they would but they would lose money and time.
Let me say again I understand the concern of the agency. And I am not blowing off the fact that some children would feel "displaced or replaced." But that should be discussed among the family. The family also needs to do their homework.They know what their children at home can and can't handle. If our family adopted again we would know what child could handle what and discuss it as we always have with them.
Please continue to pray for Bella and the family.

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