Monday, December 20, 2010


I am praying that someone who reads my blog will be Bellas forevers family. And if you don't mind please let your friends, family, church, work know about Bella.
The agencey needs a family who already has their paperwork in China for another child and almost ready to travel to complete her adoption. So please everyone spread the work and lets help Bella find her forever family.
Bella is 13 and lives with a foster family in China. She is pretty, smart and loves to play sports. She would be an amazing daughter. She needs to be adopted by February. Sadly in China once you turn 14 you can not be adopted...ever. So many older children all over the world are pushed out into streets with no money, no skills,  no place to call home. This isn't right. They are the ones who become victims of sex traffickers, gangs, prostitution and drugs. Everyday my friends this happens.
The other night my husband said he wishes we had a home big enough for all of them. And though my heart feels the same way I know that will not happen. But we will never say never...ever.
So I ask you first to pray for all orphans. And pray for Bella. Pray that someone will know this precious one should be their daughter. And pray for those who are on the streets who were not adopted. They have no voice in this world so we need to be their voice.
I have more information on Bella. If you meet the qualifications needed please email me.

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