Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A New Day

I am watching the T.V. and see Obama is our new President. Wow. I did not vote for him. Personally I wish Joyce Meyers had ran for President, I would have voted for her! But like it or not, he is our President and I will respect that. History is being made tonight in more ways than we probably realize right now. But I have to say that John McCains concession speech was the best speech he has ever made. It came from his heart and he gave it with compassion, grace and dignity. He can truly hold his head high.
But now here is my big news. I would like to congratulate my son Lance Corporal Bayer! He was promoted yesterday. We are very proud of him! He promised me a picture, so as soon as I get one I will post it. It was a year ago that the picture I posted was taken. He left a boy and became a Marine. I can't believe a year has already gone by.
In that same note, He needs prayer. That is all I will share. God knows what the need is. So when you pray lift Dustin up, please.

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