Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have been fasting since 10 pm last Monday night. I wish I could say it was my choice but it wasn't. I am having a procedure today so...
I have had some friends email me about the little girl I mentioned in my previous post. Well, I have been in prayer and I emailed for some more information. The good news is others have shown interest but no one has been called to adopt her. My husband and I are in prayer. Again Gods will. I will say this, Our Cami was a waiting child. She came very close to going back into the system and labeled unadoptable. But our God and His perfect timing brought us together. What a blessing our family would have missed. I rest assured in the fact that the family God planned for her will step up.
Some of you have asked me for my email. If you like I have a facebook page so you can contact me that away or through
Speaking of Hug Away! I am so excited!!! We are venturing out into another arena. I will post more about it as soon as it is set in stone but it is going to be AWESOME! There is a terrific team working on the "education" part of our foundation. It is going to be exciting and the response we have had so far is incredible and very positive.
Well I better go! Please say a prayer for my friend Ms. Pat today. We love her and she is pretty sick right now.

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