Monday, October 29, 2012

The Good Fight

What would you do if everything you believed in, everything you thought was true and real, all that was good was yanked out from under you in a heartbeat? Would you give up? Would you get mad? Would you fight?

And what if the bad that happened came out of left field? You never had a clue? None. That makes it worse. There was no time to prepare yourself. It's kind of like someone came running up behind you at mach speed and knocking you down. hard. real hard. There you are just laying there and you can't believe it happened. DENIAL. Then your heart breaks. GRIEF. Then you get MAD. Anger. Then you pray. PEACE.
A peace beyond all understanding.
Now you stand back up. You put on the armor of Christ. And you prepare for battle.You fight the good fight. If God is for us who can stand against us? No One! The No one's ever wins.
No Ones can be people, addictions, depression, burn out, thoughts,Satan ( the king of no one's)  All this to say if you are in a bad place right now there is only one who can pull you out and prepare you for battle and that is Jesus Christ.
He died for us, He loves us, He forgives us and He will empower us and be with us as we fight our battle.I am not a religious nut or a bible thumper. I am a believer plain and simple. I put my faith in Him alone.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

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