Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Standing at a Crossroads

I am standing at a fork in the road. A crossroads if you will. I am a wife, a mom, a grandma, a sister a friend. But more than anything I am a child of the one true God. And He is calling me and I desire to obey Him.

When Mike and I founded the Hug Away Foundation our desire was to help families with adoption and go to the orphans of the world and love on them, feed them, give them hope and tell the about Jesus, always glorifying God in all we do. We began in 2008.

In the beginning we were able to offer some grants to a few families but after a year donations dropped and it seemed Hug Away would be no more. I was depressed and felt like a failure. One night I remember praying and I said "God you opened this door and only you can close it." A few days later a friend called me and said she had a good friend from Ethiopia she thought I should meet. When I met him and heard his story I knew that God was telling me "this door is staying open."

Since that day God called us to begin a child sponsor program in Ethiopia and Project Hunger no More. The list of children and families in need continues to grow. And this is why I am standing at a crossroads.

Besides taking care of my family, I work part time and run Hug Away. I know, that I know that I know God is getting ready to do more amazing things through Hug Away and I need to commit more time to the foundation. We use any donations we have for rent of a small office and expenses. Everything else goes to sponsorships, Project Hunger no More and grants if there is anything left over.

Leaving my job, even if it is part time is a unsettling thought. I don't make a whole lot but what I do make helps with the bills. I have tried to think of ways to make money at home but I would be right back to square one. The fact is running Hug Away is becoming a full time job, one that I am passionate about and I love.

I was thinking about me trying to come up with ways to make all of this work when I thought "hmm...why don't' I give this one to God." So I did! And as I wait at this crossroads I know that some amazing things are going to happen! All I need is the faith of a mustard seed and that I have.

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Katherine said...

Hang in there, Elaine. I know that God has a plan for His glory and that He will reveal it to you in time. What you do is beautiful and needed. Last night I dreamed again about Lee and I adopting and I can't wait until it's our turn. We will need your advice and help!!! :)