Sunday, August 14, 2011

Muffin Top

No, I am not talking about the muffin you eat. It's the mysterious little roll or big roll that

appears around your waist. Apparently it doesn't matter what size you are the roll appears on most women.

When did this enigma begin? Looking back it seems the muffin top became an issue when the jeans began fitting below the waist! Ironically I didn't have a muffin top until a couple of years ago after I lost 30 pounds. I was finally able to wear those cute jeans that fit below the waist. I was so excited...until I saw this roll. What the heck??? It seems the jeans push all of our extra skin up and out...yes that is what we will cal it extra skin! Small, large, fat or skinny, short or tall the muffin top has no boundaries. And oddly enough it seems most women don't seem to care that they have this roll and their stomach falling out over their the top of their jeans and their tight shirts can't hold them in.

And one more fashion Faux paux...the butt crack. It now seem to be OK for women to show their butt cracks. This to we will blame on the low jeans. Yet again most women don't seem to care. You know they have to know it is showing! Surely they feel a draft. Yes it's true the show of the butt crack no longer belongs to just the plumber.

Remember the pants that use to fit around your waist? Sometimes I wish they would come back in style but then I remember they just made you rear look big! As long as padded shoulders don't come back in style I guess I will live with the muffin top!

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