Monday, July 18, 2011

Inquiring Minds

My daughters and I were at the mall the other day when out of the blue my youngest daughter Kennedy asked me why some people are birthed and some are adopted. She always waits until we are in a public place to ask these questions. I told her that I would answer her as soon we got back to the car. We hadn't been in the car two seconds when she said "mom, remember???" Of course I do.
Of course every answer I gave her turned into another question. I tried to explain that we are all born or "birthed" as she put it. This lead to more questions. I felt like I was being interrogated by the Secret Service!
Then she told me she was tired of being the baby and could we get baby sister from Vietnam? Can I have a snack? a drink? May I get some new flip flops?  Can we go swimming? Can we watch a movie? Why would the store charge $34 for a shirt? Do they think people are rich?
Honestly, there are days I want to pull my hair out! Then I look at this little one that God brought into our lives a little over four years ago and I can't imagine life without her. On the bright side she is keeping my brain very active!

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