Friday, August 6, 2010


Can I just say there is never a dull moment at my house? NEVER!!!! I am not complaining, not at all. As a matter of fact I find the ongoing chaos amusing and I love it. I beleive even when I go to sleep during those few moments I rarely get of deep sleep, what is it called? RPM, RAN or REM? Whatever, it doesnt' matter I don't get enough of it anyway! But back to the point. I beleive that during those moments my sleep is chaotic!
When I come home from work my dog who is usally the first to greet me at the door has this whine like he is trying to tell me the events of his day. Then instead of a hello the first thing out of Kennedys mouth is "can I?" Cameron gives me a beautiful smile an says "what's for dinner momma?" Jordan is just thankful I am home and retreats to her room and Mike needs to know if he has clean jeans and underwear. This is before I have made it all the way into the living room!
If I am so blessed to get out of my scrubs and into something more comfortable and I am not in need of a 15 minute power nap it's off to make dinner where my faithful audience of 1 Cameron will help in anyway she can so we can hurry up and get the meal on the table! Throw in a few loads of laundry where on a good day I can collect up to $20 in tips! I use to give it back but after years of lectures on cleaning out our pockets they know better. With three girls you know there is a lot of talking, that would be mostly Kennedy with her many opinions and questions. Back to the kitchen to make sure we cleaned up everything and dream of the day the remodel from>>>> is done! Finish up a load of laundry, work on Hug Away and by 11:30 off to grab some of those RPM or REM things! And that is after I get home. Morning is another story.
I would not have it any other way! I love my life chaos and all! My mornings always begin with a thank you to God for my life and time with Him. My day ends with a thank you to God and knowing how blessed I am.
Some people need things to make them happy. I need my chaos :)
Welcome to my world!

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