Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today my 15 year old daughter left for Korea on a mission trip...without her momma! My son who is a Marine will be deployed again next month. In October I will travel to Ethiopia to visit the children who are sponsored through Hug Aways Ethiopia Sponsorship program. My point? A few years ago not one of these things would have happened on my watch!! No way!
But along the way on this journey we call life I found something that gave me the faith, the strength, the joy, the peace to (in the words of Van Montgomery) "lethergo!" He claims it is one word:)And that something was Jesus Christ.
Being raised in an unstable home my trust factor was well, non-existent. I was angry,I drank, did drugs in my teens and early 20's. I suffered from nightmares and severe migraines well into my 30's. I was fearful and anxious. But then I began to go to church and I was born again. It didn't happen overnight but over the past 18 years I have studied His word, grown in my faith and learned to trust Him. Oh, what a difference!
I can "lethergo" and it is such a freedom! My daughter is in Korea doing mission work. My son is fighting for our freedom and I am blessed to travel to Ethiopia and look into the beautiful faces of children who God wants our foundation to help.
How blessed am I?!
So if you have not asked Jesus in your heart please do. It is the most important thing you will ever do.

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