Monday, June 28, 2010

Lethergo!! Part 2

A lot of people email me or post on my facebook about my blog post instead of posting a comment here. And I had several request for more info on the "lethergo" post and the drawing.
First the drawing. My daughter Jordan drew that picture not long after Kennedy came home. It is a picture of Kennedy and Amiya our granddaughter which makes her Kennedy's niece. Both their birthdays are in June and they are one year apart. They are best buddies and have so much fun together! One night Jordan was watching them and she saw how they obviously looked very different but acted so much alike it was like they were the same person. So Jordan drew this "silly" picture as she calls it of them playing and dancing. So that is the story about the picture.
So on to "Lethergo." When we first become believers we are like babies who need milk. We are growing and developing our Christian walk. The word is our milk. We watch other Christians and see how they act and listen to what they say. As we grow up we need more substance. We read our bible, attend church and Sunday school. As time goes by we learn how to listen to His beautiful calm still voice.
So we have learned what God expects of us. He wants us to love one another, help others, He wants us to lead others to Him, He wants us to do good and He also wants us to trust Him.
Oohhhhh that is a hard one. Seriously, humans love to have control of things. To trust God and "lethergo" is hard. Very hard. To say "here is my son God, He is going to fight a war...., Here is my daughter Lord, she is only 15 but I am going to send her half way across the world to do mission work and Yes Lord I am going to start this foundation and leave my job and the pay that goes with it and yes I will fly to Ethiopia and anywhere else you want to go" and yes we will adopt again" isn't easy. But here is the deal and for most of us, including myself it is not fun to hear, If you are a born again believer you know that He wants us to trust Him completely. If we profess to be believers and we are past the "milk" stage then we have no excuse. It is what it is.
When you come to that point, that crossroad where you know, that you know, that you know well quite honestly there is no turning back. You trust or you don't. Besides accepting Jesus into your heart this is not one of the biggest steps of faith you will every take.
I am blessed to have come to that point in my walk. I can't sit here and tell everyone to trust and "lethergo" and not practice it. And yes, I still struggle and question situations at times and His answers are not always going to be the answer I would like to hear but here is the great thing about trusting Him completely, His timing and His answers are never, ever wrong. Ever.
You know how it feels when you want to go for a swim but you put your feet in first to check the water out? Even when you totally trust God you will at times "put your feet in" to check things out but the question is will you trust Him and take the plunge?

And those who know your name put their trust in you for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you. Psalm 9:10

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